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REMEMBER: You won't see the legs in any of these dance moves, because in Canadian Rock'n'Roll dancing, all you need do is try to keep your feet on the ground and keep beat with your heel or toes. If you want to take it up a notch, alternate heel and toes, or heel of one foot, and toes of the other.

One exception to this is while playing air guitar. You may want to lift your foot while doing so. But, if your jeans are too tight (which they should be) then don't do this too often, as it can cause permanent damage. Try to keep it down to once per solo.

The Canadian Rock'n'Roll Stance



Here they come......                                The boys in the bright                                 Wavin' their arms in the air
                                                               white sports car                                        Who do they think they are?
                                                                                                                                And where did they get that car?

Step One, First and Fifth verse


There they go, the boys in the                    Honkin' at all the girls....                                It's jack-of-all trades Stan
bright white sports car....                                                                                                    and Gerry the garbage man

Step Two, Second Verse


            guitar- "dun-du-nun-nun-                de-nu-nun-de-                    nu-nunuh"
Step Three, Guitar Refrain

There they go,                                    some old lady's called the cops                                    STOLEN!

            The boys are really rollin                       said the car is probably stolen
Step Four, Third and Fourth verse

Guitar starts up....                                    goes down
Step Five, Guitar Solo Down

Guitar starts up...                    wobbles down....                    comes up again, repeat.
Step Six, Guitar Solo Wobble Up and Down

Start one side...                            go middle.....                        to other side - repeat
Step Seven, Guitar Solo Side to Side