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Canada has a long tradition of peacekeeping - hell, we invented it.  Well, to be accurate,  the peacekeeping invented by Lester B. Pearson was "armed peacekeeping",  which was a big improvement over the previous UN technique of "waving your arms at the fighting dudes and telling them to knock it off".  Adrienne Clarkson was interviewed on the BBC a while ago,  and to hear her talk about the country,  pretty much all we do is peacekeeping.  Geez, who elected her eh?  Oh, wait.....

In any case,  Canadians, being the polite, well mannered bunch that we are,  have developed many ways to prevent conflict.  Behold:

Foofstar writes:
o.k. so here's a couple of canadian jokers on an ice fishing trip solving the problem of who gets the big couch to sleep on by stepping outside in there bare feet and putting a lit smoke between their forearms.  The first one to back off and go in gets the floor.  I've left pictures with their faces out to protect the innocent.  It  was -38 degrees celcius.  You know that kind of cold that freezes 50 in the can quicker than you can drink it.  You can't even let your lips touch the can in that temperature without having the can become a new stylish green white and red lip appendage.

I know that nipple from somewhereWait a minute, I know those toenails