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Hi Catty:

Here's the thing. After a developing with Hexane and Diethyl Ether, I get something like this:
(this is 99:1 for 25 minutes)

So, the FFAs aren't quite differentiated from the TAGs, and the TAGs are still together with the CLs

If I use 95:5, it's basically the same, but everything from the TAGs over are shifted to the left thusly:
(this is 95:5 for 25 minutes)

Aha, I exclaim, this will be a piece of cake.

Next I use 82:18:1 Hexane:Diethyl ether:formic acid, and get something like this:
(this is 82:18:1 for 20 minutes)


so the TAGs take off and overrun the FFA and KET. I was under the impression they (the TAGs) had less affinity to the solvent than they (KET and FFA) do.
So far I've been tinkering with the development times and solvent ratios (using less Diethyl ether), but this still consistently happens- I can't tease the FFAs away from the TAGs. Any thoughts as to why?

Thanks eh?

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