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The intrepid oceanographer asks himself:

"What good is an oceanographer without a ship???"

The answer? Too terrible to contemplate.

After a close look at his finances,

(oceanography is not well funded in Canada)

He purchases the best ship available for the money:

It is by no means a new ship, but sound and true; It also has several means of propulsion

The intrepid oceanographer sets off, admiring the view from the captain's chair.

Off the mouth of Cadboro Bay, he is confronted by some sort of charismatic macrofauna, indigenous to the region.

"Here be dragons",
he mutters to himself.

....Then drives it off with several salvos from the portside battery.

Heading back to port, the captain surveys his new vessel.

...and remarks:

"Nice. I wonder where I can get a motor and a downrigger."

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