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I AMů..

(or A.A. for hozers)


How's it going eh?

  • I'm from north of lake Huron, i.e. northern Ontario.
  • I am not a red neck.
  • I don't live in cottage country.
  • When I go out of town for the weekend I don't go to the cottage, I go to the camp.
  • No I'm not a counselor nor do I host outings for youth.
  • Yes, one of my favorite summer activities was busting beaver dams.
  • No I never knew Jack the bear, but apparently he was big like ten and was many wild.
  • Our Official bird of spring is the black fly, not the Robin.
  • Planting trees in the spring is for romantic teenagers from southern Ontario.
  • Yes I drive a pick-up truck. No it's not four wheel drive. We plow our roads.
  • When it snows we don't call out the army. We don't even slowdown.
  • S.U.V.'s are owned by the S.O.B.'s in Southern Ontario driving up the cost of pick-up trucks so they can drive around Toronto's paved roads and feel safe and superior to B.M.W. and Porches.
  • Yes I drive a Ski-doo,
  • No I don't live in an Igloo.
  • We get summer in June, July and August just like the rest of Canada
  • (i.e. Southern Ontario, heh, heh!)
  • Yes some of us speak French,
  • O.k. some speak French and English at the same time.
  • I prefer my eggs side by each and facing the sun. Two pair of toast is an excellent garnish.
  • I like to work hard and play hard.
  • Our squirrels aren't rats with fuzzy tails, they are red and have an excellent noise and attitude.
  • I excel at the sports of curling and road hockey.
  • I'm a proud member of CARTA.
  • I like to drink beer from two-fours and barbecue with my friends.
  • My name is Dave, and I'm a Hozer!

    ........And unfortunately I now live in Toronto cuz there ain't no work back home.