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It's not just for dorm room windows anymoreCourtesy of Sheila Copps

Good day eh?

With the continued dominance of our neighbours to the south (you know, the guys who want to take care of our borders for us), we need a venue to express our feelings of Canadian-ness. It must necessarily start small, but once the ground swell begins, there will be no stopping us. Operation "Arctic Frost" is on hold; I repeat, Operation "Arctic Frost" is on hold.


Whooo!! How to Dance to Classic Canadian Music Courtesy of Jim James

Sweet, lifegiving beer The Role of Labatt 50 in the Lifestyle of the Canadian Male By R.W. Campbell, University of British Columbia

Take off eh? I am a Hozer By Foofstar

Dudes, rock on! The CARTA Homepage A true Canadian sport

A hill of beans Beer, Art and Canned Goods CAN-uck 2000, from Bobed

A hill of beans Canada in a Perfect World By Jim James

A hill of beans IMPORTANT NOTICE: It appears that operational plan "make redneck president and take over the joint" of Operation Arctic Frost may come to fruition. It turns out, however, that there is a rival organization with goals not unlike our own: the Campaign for Canadian World Domination. Their high-powered graphics our much more compelling than ours, although our media wing is currently adapting Gulf War technology to close this gap. We will deal with them shortly using our newly-developed Hockey Night in Canada brainwashing technology and maple syrup napalm. 
Update 05/06/2004:  The CCWD site is down,  we are not sure why.    Pat Buchanan, Ted Nugent or The Illuminati are suspected.
Update on update:  Oops, The Nuge has lifed his boycott of Canada.  He remains, however, a goof.
Hey, another update:  Looks like the site is up in another incarnation here.

click here, please Example of Canadian Signage Contributed by Junior

click here, please This Hour has 22 minutes

click here, please Chilly Beach Canada's answer to South Park?

click here, please Plowed ditches Not a uniquely Canadian hazard but...

click here, please Peacekeeping, from Foofstar


Ice-tea, tamarack Quebec language laws in action As recorded by Dyson while visiting the Gaspe, submitted by Foofstar

Give 'er b'ye! Dirt Cove The official homepage of one of Newfoundland's most picturesque outports, brought to you by the folks at

That's right, workin' Newfie Career Enhancement A newf trying to get a job

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